1st travel post of 2015 - Beach vacay in Krabi for our 10th year anniversary + Leon's 28th birthday!

Thursday, January 01, 2015


Weeeeee! Phra Nang Cave Beach @ Krabi!


Haha it sounds absolutely crazy but as we stepped into 2015, I've been blogging for 10 YEARS now! 

TheLuckiestChick has been around since I was a little chick (haha) at 15 years old up till now, I was telling leon next time when we have a kid (not so soon thou of course, min 2-3 years later!) it will be Baby Chick *meep!* and Leon said that we will become Chick BU and Chick Peh! 


I'd like to think that I blog so I have all my dear memories of this past 10 years but it's also because of my awesome readers that really motivate me to continuing writing my BS thoughts on this space, without your sweet comments/emails I probably would have stopped a long time ago.

Seriously 2014 has been awesome! I'm not sure if i've talked about it on my blog but I've not been working (like a full time job, job.) since mid 2014 and yet I have managed to travel quite abit and have a hella lot of fun considering it was quite a big year for us with paying for the wedding and all.

We went to Taiwan in July for a fun trip to celebrate my 24th birthday + FREEEEDOM (right after leaving my job haha) and in the end we managed to squeeze in a pre-wedding shoot there, then we went to krabi in September, just recently we came back from our 18 days honeymoon in London/Zurich/Venice/Paris and travelling to Hong Kong in February, so I'm simply to be grateful for everything in 2014 and I really have no complains.

I still have lots os wedding related posts (still waiting for photos from my 2nd photographer EggBenedictChan) but i'll try to pace them with fun travel posts in between so I hope i won't bore you guys! (:


Hehe anyway I'm gonna keep this short and talk about the fun Krabi trip we had earlier in September 2014 to celebrate our 10th year anniversary + leon's 28th birthday! I'm glad we're 4 years of age apart so i can always tease him that he's an oldieeeeee, muahaha, i'll never catch up!

Oh lots of people were like: "WTF you're going on a beach holiday 2 months before your wedding?! HUH! Later got tan lines how?! don't want fair fair meh?"

Seriously why must be fair like snow white then can be a bride meh, I like to be gooooolden brown leh haha.

So we booked our stay at Bhu Nga Thani Resort on Railay Beach, Railay Beach is 15 mins longtail boat away from the main beach Ao Nang. LOL it was quite crazy, apparently i forgot that it's monsoon season in september (face palm, typical me) so it was super rainy and as we arrived on Ao Nang beach that afternoon, it was raining down SO SO hard that the longtail boat are not operating, so we had to do a last min booking for a hotel at Ao Nang Beach, Tsk. Wasted one night accomodation at the Bhu Nga Thani resort that i booked for the trip but what to do!

And the next morning we headed over to the Railay Beach, bought our tickets at Ao Nang beach but apparently they had to fetch us over to another pier to take the longtail boat and we had to take a motorcycle taxi (basically like riding pillion on a motorcycle?) I thought Leon wouldn't be alright with it since we will be riding pillion on separate motorcycles but somehow he was ok with it so i went with it but i wasn't too comfortable thou, what if he bring me go sell!!! HAHAHA

Halfway through the journey for maybe a 8 mins journey, I couldn't see Leon and the motorcycle he was on (he was suppose to be on the motorcycle behind me) and i freaked out a little, it's literally me and a stranger thai and I had just a bit of $ (the rest was with leon) and a phone with no 3G signal. TMD!

But everything turned out ok, his hat was blown off and they stopped to pick it up, Tsk took so long scared me to death, longtail boatride was ok except that we dropped up at the wrong pier and it's high tide and we had to walk in the seawater carrying our luggage!!! Hahahah it's really a damn shitty experience but when we think back at it we can't help but laugh like hell because it's so torturous/ridiculous and funny at the same time.


YAY! finally checked into the resort!!
Bhu Nga Thani Resort

I'd easily say that this is one of the nicest and probably newest resort on Railay Beach as compared to the ones we walked past and saw along the stretch of the beach?

Koped the photos of the room on their website cause i think i accidentally deleted those on my camera! )': I booked the deluxe grand room and it's so nice and super spacious with a huggggggge tub.

Leon edited the footage from our GoPro! Lol erm some embarassing shots of me (like very buay pai seh lounging flat on the beach soaking in some sun) hahaha we also did white water rafting for our first time this trip!

PS: Love the happy vibe from the song, totally matches the mood of our beach vacay! :D 
The song in the video is 跟, more to come but this is Leon's 1st single release on itunes, Music/Arrangement is  by Leon 林昱志 and Lyrics by Diona Lee.

If you liked the song and would like to support him, you can find the song on itunes here!

Thank god for the awesome 2014 I had, hard to top this one with the wedding and honeymoon (obviously once in a lifetime and epic thing) but i know that 2015 will be an even better and more exciting one! Live crazy and free people! :D

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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